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UtilityChest™ - The Best FREE Online Calculator
Are you stuck on your math homework? Do you need to convert currency before your big trip? You will need several different utilities to help you avoid doing the math yourself. You could end up having numerous utilities open across your computer screen, including a conversion calculator or a world time clock. Bouncing between these utilities takes time, and we all know that the first law of computers says that tasks should take as little time as possible.

We created UtilityChest™ because we know that there are certain tools you will want to use together. If you need a weight conversion calculator or a currency calculator, you may need language tools and travel help as well. Using UtilityChest™ takes the frustration out of number crunching, translating, getting directions or even finding the best gas prices. It’s a small tool that installs on your browser, and is with you wherever you go on the web. Figure out centimeters to inches, calculate debt, translate simple phrases and more.
Conversion Calculator
Need to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit? Or kilograms to pounds? UtilityChest™ is the perfect tool for converting nearly any unit possible. Get access to a measurement conversion or weight conversion calculator in just seconds. In addition to a metric conversion calculator, UtilityChest includes a free amortization calculator (otherwise known as a debt calculator), acreage calculator, weight conversion calculator, percentage calculator, ratio calculator and more with this calculator – FREE online!
Planning & Language Tools:
Do you plan on traveling? Get the tools you need to plan ahead with a world time clock, gas price finder, zip code and area code finder – plus free online maps. Set up a to-do list with automated reminders to remember important tasks. Use language tools to translate text from English to up to 20 languages. Get a free online calendar for your home or office with UtilityChest™
Spelling, Grammar & Vocabulary:
It’s a given that your electronic devices provide you with real-time spell checking and autocorrect functions, but modern technology can still miss some obvious typos. More importantly, your spelling can get lazy when typos are fixed for you. Expand your vocabulary by using the UtilityChest™ spellchecker tool. You can also access a synonym and antonym dictionary. Your schoolwork, email and other correspondence will have not only proper spelling, but also proper punctuation. Please a client or potential new boss with precise language that rings with professionalism.
Customized Choices:
The great thing about UtilityChest™ is that it features tools you probably didn’t even know you needed. You can find a lot of these amazing tools in the Planning Tools widget. Plan a meal around a favorite online recipe or find directions to that hidden restaurant. It's even possible to check gas pricing in the immediate area to plan a trip or evening out. This free online calculator tool is packed with useful items to make each day easier to handle. From planning your day to calculating a possible mortgage payment, UtilityChest™ offers you the kinds of tools you wish your computer had come with pre-installed.

A Digital Swiss Army Knife:

UtilityChest™ does more than bring you free online calculators and planning tools. Here are some of the amazing tools that come with UtilityChest™:
Zip Code/Area Code Lookup:
Find the zip and area codes for towns, cities and counties.
URL Shortener:
Great for social media and other mediums with character limits.
Recipe Search:
Find hundreds of recipes in just two clicks.
Local Weather:
See the local weather at all times at the top of your browser.
Access hundreds of radio stations from all over the word.
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Easily translate words, phrases between
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See monthly calendars for the next 10 years
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